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Satellite vs. Cable

Satellite and Cable TV: The Differences

Not sure if cable or satellite TV is right for you? One television option may be a better choice for you depending on a variety of factors.

Be sure to consider:

  • Your location
  • Your entertainment preferences
  • Your price range

And more! Do you want extra sports channels? Do you love to have movie nights every weekend? Do you want the highest quality picture and tons of HD channels? Are you looking for a huge variety of channels? Find what you’re looking for by checking out the differences between cable and satellite TV providers in your area.

Explore some satellite and cable options side-by-side to see which television service can best suit your needs. Compare TV providers to learn more today! Get some more information about cable and satellite television to find the best entertainment fit for your home.

How Does Satellite and Cable TV Work?

Cable TV travels via a network of cables from the cable provider to your home. Satellite TV signals are transmitted from satellites in in the sky to your satellite dish to your television.


Because of how television signals travel, cable and satellite providers have different availability and accessibility. For cable TV, availability may be limited to urban areas and cities. In rural areas, satellite TV may be a better option because satellite signals aren’t limited by distance. Satellite TV from DIRECTV is available at 100% of households in the United States, as long as you have a clear view of the southern sky for your satellite dish.

Bundling your home entertainment services

When you choose a television package, you may be interested in ordering bundled TV, Internet and phone packages. When you order from certain cable or satellite TV providers, you’ll have the option to also order Internet and phone service. Some TV companies provide all three services and others partner with industry leaders to provide customer with top services.

The best part of bundling? You can save money, and it’s convenient to order. Just make one phone call and get television, Internet and home phone service. Ask about bundling cable or satellite television and see if you can save money on your home entertainment.

Comparing Satellite and Cable TV Providers

Channel counts, sports coverage, technology, equipment: Satellite and cable providers offer these options, but which provider can give you the perfect blend at the right price?

Check providers to see which one offers you best the football coverage, movie library, children’s programming, HD DVR and more. Where can you get an impressive HD channel lineup, the highest customer satisfaction, the most advanced equipment and a fantastic selection of channels to watch? Compare your options to see!

Programming choices with cable and satellite TV

Both cable and satellite television providers offer similar channel lineups. Check out specific providers to see the channel lineups available in individual packages. Look for a lineup with all your favorite channels to make the most of your television experience.

Concerned about losing your local channels when you switch TV providers? Look for a provider like DIRECTV that delivers local channels to homes all over the country. If it’s important to you to stay connected to your community, turn to your local channels for news and updates. Browse channel lineups to see which cable or satellite TV service includes your favorite local network affiliates.

Satellite and Cable Choices Where You Live

Learn more about the national and regional TV options available at your home. Find the best fit when you compare the options, and get better TV service today with a simple phone call. Get the details about television service that is available where you live, and order top entertainment today!

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