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Astound Cable Packages

Astound TV Packages

Are you interested in television service for your home or business? You have two main options: cable or satellite television. Within each of those larger categories, there are many individual companies that provide these services, usually sold in the form of TV packages. One such company is Astound, a telecommunication company based out of the San Francisco Bay Area. In addition to cable TV, the company also has Astound Internet and Astound phone services available.

If you are considering purchasing a television service for your home, be sure to read up on all your options so you know exactly what you’re getting. With Astound, the TV Packages are divided into tiers based on channel lineups. More information on cable television from Astound is detailed below.

Home Television Packages

Astound cable packages that are designed for home entertainment use are divided into different levels. Building up from the first tier, the Local Broadcast package, each step up offers more channels in the lineup. Here is an overview of the available packages:

    • Local Broadcast – This package has the most basic channels available, such as local news coverage, broadcast network prime time television shows, national news, and sporting events. Networks could include the CW, ABC, NBC, PBS, and FOX, among others.
    • Basic Cable – Basic Cable is the second level Astound cable package, and builds off Local Broadcast. This package includes local programming and the most popular basic channels, such as A&E, ESPN, HGTV, TLC, VH1, and more.
    • Enhanced Basic – As the name suggests, the Enhanced Basic package is an enriched version of the previous level package. This package includes a combination of the Basic Cable channels plus Digital Access and Digital Music channels.
    • Digital Cable Pack – This package offers all the channels from the previous three levels, plus access to three additional add-on tiers called Digital Favorites, Digital Variety, and Digital Sports. The channels in Favorites include BBC America, Nick Jr. and Nicktoons, the Tennis Channel, and others. Digital Variety includes Cooking Channel, Style Network, and the Hallmark Movie Channel, among others. The Digital Sports add-on includes FOX Soccer, NFL RedZone, ESPNU, and more.
    • Premium Pack – The Premium Pack from Astound cable is the most complete package available. In addition to everything included in all of the abovementioned levels of television lineups, this package gives access to premium movie channels plus On Demand.

Bundled Services from Astound

Astound offers Internet and home phone services in addition to their cable TV packages. If you are interested in Astound Internet or Astound phone as well as Astound cable television, you could be able to bundle your services. Many companies recommend buying services in a bundle for reasons such as ease, convenience, and affordability. Astound offers four speed options for Internet and five home phone packages.

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