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Allegiance Communications Packages

Allegiance Communications provides a variety of packages for its different services to create a more personalized home entertainment experience for its customers.

Are you a budget user? Choose a TV package with fewer channels or an Internet plan with less bandwidth. Want more variety in content? Pick a package with a higher channel count or an Internet plan that allows for media streaming. Depending on your demands, Allegiance Communications may have a package that is right for you.

Take a look at the package information for the various Allegiance services and decide if their offers meet your demands.

Allegiance TV Packages

Allegiance Communications gives customers a choice when it comes to TV plans. Customers who only care for local broadcast networks and local access channels can opt in to a Basic cable, a limited selection of local channels and news networks. Customers who want a little more variety can subscribe to Expanded Basic, which provides many more channels with sports and entertainment programming.

For those who want even more, there’s the Standard Digital lineup with customizable tiers based on viewer preferences. Customers can choose from these available digital tiers:

  • Digital Variety
  • Digital Movie
  • Digital Sports
  • Digital Premiums
  • Digital Music
  • Pay Per View

Allegiance TV also offers limited HD programming in select service areas. For more HD variety, a satellite option like DIRECTV may be a better choice.

Allegiance Internet Packages

Allegiance Internet provides high-speed broadband Internet access to residents and businesses. And like with the TV plans, there is some choice in Internet plans depending on Internet usage. The Internet plans are as follows:

  • Residential Limited – Less than 1MB download, less than 1MB upload, 2 emails
  • Residential Small – 3MB download, 500MB upload, 5 emails
  • Residential Standard – 6MB download, 1MB upload, 5 emails
  • Residential Plus – 10 MB download, 2MB upload, 5 emails

Want to browse the web and check email? Then you may only need the Residential Limited or Residential Small plan. Want to stream movies and play online multiplayer games? Then Residential Plus is your best bet.

Regardless of which Internet package you choose, Allegiance Communications also provides email accounts for customers. All Allegiance Internet plans get 5 email accounts, except for Residential Limited, which gets 2 email accounts.

Allegiance Phone Plans

Stay connected to those you care about with Allegiance phone service. Offering unlimited domestic and long distance calling, the Allegiance phone plan utilizes VoIP (Voice Over IP) technology to keep customers in touch. Home phone customers also get advanced phone features such as:

  • Voice Mail
  • Caller ID
  • 3-Way Calling
  • E-911
  • Call Waiting
  • And More

Customers who want to keep in touch with friends, relatives, and colleagues outside the U.S. can also make international calls for low rates that vary depending on the country of destination.

Getting Allegiance Communication Packages

Looking for Allegiance Communications packages in your area? Allegiance Communications serves only a handful of states, so they may not be available where you live.

That’s ok. You can enjoy a superior home entertainment experience with providers that are available across the U.S., such as DIRECTV.

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